Meet Brookside Doula: Anna

I grew up in New England, in a loving neighborhood called Brookside Place. After graduating from The University of New Hampshire, I moved out to LA and became a talent manager in the entertainment industry. A few years later, while supporting a family member through birth and parenthood, I learned how much the experience of pregnancy, birth, and infant care has evolved over the years. This experience, coupled with my own adventures as a stepmom, showed me that the need for caring, sensitive, and knowledgeable support during times of transition is crucial. Five years ago, I decided to pursue my doula passion full time and have helped over 30 families and counting during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I am a DONA certified doula, enjoying this journey and the opportunity to support you during this magical transformation.

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Growing Up Lyke

A little peak into my family and childhood. All about love, good vibes, and support.